Psalm 119:105

Baptist Faith & Message 2000

Read through the Bible in two years with North Shelby Baptist Church! While most of us want to read the whole Bible, getting started and reading consistently can be a challenge. Try the this two year reading plan.

This two year Bible reading plan covers the entire Bible, and you can learn more about it here. The plan is designed to help you consistently read and meditate on Scripture. Additional days are built in for catch-up and/or additional reading. The plan is a doable plan if you have never tried a Bible-reading plan. If you have read through the Bible before, this plan offers a slower pace to allow you to absorb what you are reading. Along with this Bible-reading plan, you are also encouraged to journal using the “HEAR” method. “HEAR” stands for Highlight, Explain, Apply, and Respond. To learn more about the HEAR journal, check out Pastor Robby Gallaty’s blog explaining the HEAR Journal.

Need someone to hold you accountable to stay with the plan? Join a small discipleship group to read through the Bible together, share what you’re learning, and grow together. The point is to get ourselves into the Word so the Word gets into us and we grow to become more like Christ!

Let’s commit to read God’s Word together as a church family!

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