VBS 2020

VBS Worship Rally Day 4

VBS Worship Rally Day 4

VBS Worship Rally Day 5

VBS Worship Rally Day 5

VBS: Staycation Edition

July 13th-17th

Even though we will not have our traditional Vacation Bible School within our church building this year due to the coronavirus. This does not mean that God cannot work within your own homes. This year we are doing VBS: Staycation Edition. This version of VBS allows you as a parent to disciple your own child or children. The Bible says in Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way they should go…”. This means that it is our responsibility as parents to teach our children God’s Word. In saying that we also encourage you to invite other kids in your neighborhood to come into your backyard or your home and join you in VBS: Staycation Edition, if you feel comfortable doing so. Our goal is that the power of Jesus will work in and through the lives of everyone involved with VBS: Staycation Edition. If you have any questions I hope the information below will help you and thank you for your prayers over VBS: Staycation Edition.


Do I need to register?

Yes! We need your information so we know who to pray for during this time and so that we can have VBS buckets available for your family and anyone else joining you during this time. More information about VBS buckets below. The registration link is at the bottom of the page.




What is the target age group?

The target age group is for children who are three years old to 5th graders. If you have older kids then I am sure they can help with the younger children.


How many people do you need for VBS: Staycation Edition to work?

This is something that is unique and fun for VBS: Staycation Edition is that a single family can do this on their own. You could also invite cousins, neighbors, family, or friends your kids are really missing from school.




Will there be a worship rally?

Yes there will be a worship rally that will be on our website for each day that you can access on that designated day. It will have our memory verse, theme, fun music, and our mission focus for the week which is the shoe that grows.

Also, on July 18th we will have a VBS drive-in service to celebrate the week of VBS at 9:00 at the church. The kids will play games at their cars, do the motions to the songs, motto, and the Bible verse while waving to their friends.


What will be in the VBS: Staycation Edition bucket?

  • Crafts for the week
  • An optional layout for your VBS day.
    • You can do VBS to fit your schedule.
  • Snack ideas.
  • Bible studies with materials.
  • A t-shirt ($5)
    • You will need to sign-up for a shirt by July 1st and pay when you pick it up.
  • Music CD

Please register by June 1st so we have enough materials for everyone. Thank you!

What if you want to volunteer and you do not have kids?

Option 1:

Please feel free to have your own VBS: Staycation Edition with the neighborhood kids you know or your grandchildren.

Option 2:

If you want to help someone at their home while they do VBS please e-mail our Children’s Minister, Julie Donavan, at julie@northshelbybaptist.org and she will get you in contact with someone who would love your help!

Option 3:

Pray! Please pray for the students, parents, and volunteers who are participating in VBS: Staycation Edition. This will be a big help!

Questions: Contact Julie Donavan julie@northshelbybaptist.org