SOPA Response to Covid-19

During the Covid-19 era, we have worked hard to come up with a plan that will serve the majority of our students and teachers to keep everyone as safe as possible.

In light of current CDC guidelines and what the Shelby County Schools will be doing to adhere to social distancing and sanitizing, we will make the following a normal practice:

In-Person Lessons

  1. Only students will be allowed in the building, no one in the waiting area. Parents may wait in your cars or leave and return to pickup your student.
  2. A check-in table will be set up just inside the waiting area to check each student’s temperature as they arrive and provide hand sanitizer for use before and after each lesson.
  3. Students will be strongly encouraged to wear a face covering while in the building but it will not be a requirement. Students taking voice lessons will be allowed to take their mask off during lessons.
  4. Use of water fountains, rest rooms (except in emergency situations) and vending machines will be prohibited.
  5. Piano keys will be wiped down after each lesson and all doors will be left open during lessons.
  6. Rooms will be cleaned and sanitized each day prior to the start of lessons for that day.
  7. Dance classes will be moved to the Youth Worship room, where social distancing will be more easily accomplished.
  8. As in the past with SOPA and other church activities, the Shelby County School Board is relied upon to guide decisions made for the safety of students.  These have included in the past weather incidents that may cause a change in school openings and closures.  If the Shelby County School Board decides to close schools because of a rise in Covid-19 infections, SOPA will follow their lead.  Students have the option of making up their lessons or taking online lessons until it is safe to meet again in person.

Online Lessons

  1. The student will take their online lessons at scheduled times during the week.
  1. Students are expected to practice and take ownership of their musical instruction and daily practice with the help of their parents.
  2. Teachers have become experienced with this process.  Quality instruction will be provided online.
  3. Some virtual online recitals may be offered for students and family at the end of the semester.