NSBC's Pastor Search Committee

Learn more about our committee and how to pray as they seek God's plan for North Shelby.

Thomas Traylor – Chairman

“Tommy” has been an active member of NSBC since 1999. He’s served as a deacon for several terms including his current term at present. His service to NSBC has also included three terms on the Finance Committee, two terms on the Personnel Committee, once on the Nominating Committee, and once as the Chair on the Pastor Search Committee in 2019.

One of Tommy’s many passions is serving on several short-term missions teams in Ukraine, North Caucasus Region, Cusco, Macau, and Almaty, Kazakhstan. 

He asks that we pray as the committee searches for the man already called, identified and prepared by God to serve as our next Lead Pastor.

Allan Smith – Vice Chairman

Allan Smith is a Licensed Pastor, Deacon, Sunday School teacher, Certified Biblical Counselor and served on many committees in his service for the Lord. He and his wife have lived in the Chelsea area for the last 25 years. He’s honored to serve his church family in this way.

Renae Miller – Secretary

Renae and her husband have been members of NSBC since Jan of 2018. Renae has served on various committee’s and is currently serving on the Student Ministry team and now the Pastor Search committee. She has been a faithful volunteer in the nursery since July 2018 and has been helping with the children’s ministry on Wednesday evenings for the past several months.

Renae considers it an honor to represent her church family as a member of the Pastor Search committee and desires your prayers for God’s leading in choosing the next pastor for North Shelby.

John Browning

John and his wife have been members of NSBC for 22 years. He is currently serving as Chairman of the Church Trustees, Chairman of the Constitution and By-laws committee, and is an active deacon. He has served on various other committees in the past, including the 2019 Pastor Search Committee. John and Patti currently serve in the church nursery. 

He appreciates your prayers as the committee searches for the man already chosen by God to serve and lead North Shelby.

Joey Carter 

Joey and his wife have been a member of NSBC for six years. He is currently serving as Chairman of the Deacons, is a member of the Personnel Committee, and teaches Sunday School.

Joey sees the importance of holding firm to traditional values and conservative doctrinal convictions, ensuring that the scriptures are expositionally delivered and taught. He appreciates your prayers for he and the committee as they search for the man already called by God to serve at NSBC.

Kelly Gilliland 

Kelly and her husband have been members of NSBC for 28 years. She has previously served as our Children’s Director, as a Sunday School and Bible Study teacher, and in our choir and various committees. She is currently serving on the Nominating Committee, the Women On Mission Team, and our Greeters Team.

Kelly would like us to pray daily for each member of the Search Committee; pray specifically that the Holy Spirit will be their guide and lead them as they search for the next pastor of NSBC.

Janice Kuykendall 

Jan has been married to Alan, retired minister, for 56 years. They both have recently become active members of NSBC. She has been active in the Baptist Church as church clerk, nursery worker, Sunday School teacher, and choir member. 

Jan recently retired after 35 years of Federal civil service. She last served within the General Services Administration as National Director of Real Property Acquisition & Relocation Center of Expertise. She was blessed to be able to serve all levels of governement, agency heads, mayors, judges, congressmen, senators and even the office of the President.

Lisa McAuley

Lisa has been a member of NSBC for 24 years. Much of her adult life has been spent working in the medical field while she was also married for 27 years and lost her husband to cancer in 2014. She experienced, first hand, a bond that only Christ can lead through NSBC’s congregational love and support for her and her family.  Over the years she has served as a GA teacher, choir member, high school girls Sunday school teacher, and women’s Bible study teacher. She has also served on multiple committees and teams at the church.

She loves our church and welcomes the prayers for wisdom and the leading of the Holy Spirit as they seek our next pastor. 

Steven Riggins

Steven has been a member of NSBC since 2010 when he was baptized as a rededicated believer. He and his wife of 10 years have been very involved in the congregation through multiple mission trips to Trinidad, Ukraine, Curaçao, and Kansas. Steven has served on various committees and teams over the years.

He appreciates your prayers on behalf of the committee as they are confident that God has prepared and equipped the new pastor as the right man for our congregation and is preparing our congregation for him. This man, Steven prays, is called to preach evangelism, missions, discipleship, and sound theology as he leads his family well and lives a life above reproach.