NSBC Sponsored Mission Trip Request

Please download the Establishing & Overseeing a NSBC-Sponsored Mission Trip document for more information.

If you’d like to lead a NSBC mission trip, please contact the Pastor

  • *Full transportation covered by (must be prior to purchase of commercial tickets) *
  • Final Balance due date (Must be at least 30 days prior to date trip begins)
  • *Participant must have donated enough to cover commercial transportation ticket cost prior to purchase of their ticket.
  • Drop files here or



Note to NSBC representative for this mission trip:
A final report for the trip, listing the following, will be made to the Missions Committee by the NSBC representative in charge of this trip within thirty (30) days after the return date for this trip:
1. Brief summary of accomplishments related to the trip
2. Number of salvation experiences by locals and/or participants
3. Plans to utilize this experience to further missions at home and other places
4. Evaluation of the trip (Excellent, Good, Okay, Poor)
5. Final financial report of trip’s total revenues and total expenditure
a. Did the trip go over “budget”?  How much?  Why?
b. Did the contributions designated to this trip pay for all expenses?
c. Did all participants contribute their allotted fees?
i. How much is uncollected?
ii. What measures will you take to collect these fees?