Sisters of Encouragement

Each woman who wants to be involved will be mailed an information card with dates that are important to your new Sister of Encouragement (SOE) and little bits of information about them, at the beginning of the Sister of Encouragement year (September).  We not only encourage each other but also have several times during the year that we have project night and work on goodies for our homebound members or other charities in our area. 

During the year, you can send your Sister of Encouragement a note each month to let her know you are thinking about her and praying for her.  It can be in recognition of a special day (anniversary, birthday, etc.) or simply to say I am thinking about you and praying for you.  In addition, occasionally if you wish, you may give her a gift (who does not like getting a little surprise occasionally).  Often gifts are given on holidays and other special days in your Sister of Encouragement’s life.  The SOE table sits outside the Fellowship Hall that you would put your card or little goody on for your “Secret” Sister of Encouragement. If you mail to their home do not put your return address on there so they will not know who is sending them the card.

It is wonderful to have someone that prays for you daily and is there to send you an encouraging note from time to time.  We will be keeping our “Sisters” a secret, so don’t let anyone know whose name you have.  At the end of the program year (August 2019), we can reveal who our “Sisters” are. New Sisters of Encouragement will be sent out by the end of August, so you may begin encouraging your “new” secret SOE.

If you would like to be a part of 2019-2020 Sisters of Encouragement, please contact Susan Kelley or Jennifer Thorne.