SOPA Registration Form

  • (30 minute increments starting at 3pm until 7:30pm)
  • (30 minute increments starting at 3pm until 7:30pm)
    I consent and agree that my student's picture, art, written work, voice, portraits (video or still) may be used by North Shelby Baptist School of Performing Arts for school publications, on the Church or school social media sites or in school related video productions or other publications.
    Please select one of the payment options.

A non refundable registration fee of $30.00 per semester is due for the first family member. A $20 registration fee for each additional family member with a maximum of $70 per family must accompany this application.  If the registration fee is not paid, the student is not enrolled and cannot attend lessons.  An additional $50 Recital Fee is due for all dance students at the time of registration.

Make checks payable to:
North Shelby Baptist Church or NSBC
4100 Belcher Drive . Birmingham, AL 35242

(205) 259-2640