Special Musicals



Drama is a great way to present the message of Jesus Christ, his death and resurrection. As scenes unfold right before your eyes, you are transported to Jerusalem and witness the crucifixion and the empty tomb. NSBC presents an Easter pageant/drama that involves almost every member of the church. Please join us in this ministry. The Easter pageant is presented on Palm Sunday weekend. Many hours of planning and rehearsals are required in preparation for this opportunity to touch lives with the Good News of Jesus Christ.


Our musical worship at Christmas is centered on the birth of Jesus. Through the Adult Choir cantata, Christmas Caroling and Family Christmas Music Showcases we worship through music in many ways during the Christmas season. Each year our Children’s Choir presents a musical program about the story of Christmas. If you have children, you will want them to be a part of this program as they learn about and the birth of Christ and what Christmas is really about.


In July and/or September, a special patriotic service is presented as we recognize Independence Day and the anniversary of 9/11/01.These programs range from simple musical cantatas to more involved multi-media presentations.   We are proud to live in America and know that we are blessed to be able to worship freely.  We pay tribute to those in our armed forces, past and present who make our freedom possible.

**All of these special programs give you opportunities to participate in them and a great reason to invite your friends and neighbors to visit NSBC.