Wednesday Nights for Children

The Quest

During the Summer…

“The Quest” Bible Study 


Come join us in this wonderful and enlightening Bible study. It is an expedition toward a deeper relationship with God. At North Shelby Baptist Church our goal is to help children know more about the Lord and this Bible study will help them with their relationship with Him. 


During the School Year…

C.I.A. (Children In Action)


1st-5th graders enjoy studying the Bible while learning about missionaries and different cultures around the world. “Children In Action” is a curriculum written by the WMU (Women On Mission) and they are dedicated to teaching the Gospel to children so that the children may grow up to be leaders in the church.

Mission Friends


Mission Friends is built to minister to preschoolers so they may understand what a missionaries is and does, while studying God’s Word. The children in Mission Friends will travel around the world while learning who Jesus is in their lives.