Children’s Worship

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In children’s worship 1st-5th graders are studying “AN EPIC ADVENTURE” of Paul as he comes to know the Lord and travels to share the Gospel to those who have never heard about Jesus. Paul’s story shows us that God can forgive us no matter what our sins are and that we can share God’s love to others.

Children’s Worship at North Shelby Baptist Church is at 10:15 and it is a fun energetic service where children play, sing, participate in crafts, and enjoy Bible study.


Children’s Worship is held on the lower floor of the building, and does not meet on the first and last Sundays of each month. During the first and last Sundays of the month the children will join their families during the 10:15 morning worship. We have KID’S CORNER in the foyer of the church that has bags for the children to enjoy during the service. Each bag contains crayons, a pencil, candy, a children’s newsletter, and worksheets that help children follow along with the sermon.