Meet Our Pastor

Meadows Family

Pastor Mike (Michael C. Meadows) is 38 years old, married 16 years to his wife (Trina, born and raised in Ozark, AL) and has six children: Noah (14); Christian (10); Hannah (9); Faith (6); Abigail (4); and Benjamin (1).  Mike was born in Columbus, OH raised by a military family in North Carolina and served as a SGT in the U.S. Army from 1998 until 2003 when he met his wife while stationed at Ft. Hood, TX.  His wife helped lead him to Christ, after which they were married.  He served as a police officer in Temple, TX from 2004-2009, a bi vocational Youth Minister at Memorial Baptist Church from 2005-2009 and as a police Chaplain from 2008-2009.  He was licensed to the Gospel Ministry in 2007.  He was ordained to the Gospel Ministry and became the full-time Youth Minister for Miller Heights Baptist Church, Belton, TX in 2009, then the Senior Pastor from 2009-2012.  He received a Master’s in Theological Studies at Truett Seminary, Baylor University, Waco, TX in 2012.  He was the Senior Pastor at Central Baptist Church (SBC) in Livingston, TX prior to joining us at North Shelby Baptist Church.  He preaches and teaches expositionally through books of the Bible.