COVID-19 Updates

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September 29, 2020 Update

God has continued to bless North Shelby Baptist Church throughout these difficult times in 2020.  In a time of so much uncertainty, God still reigns!  The Pastoral Staff has dedicated many hours to prayerfully considering the best course to take each week to conduct worship and Bible Study that would be meaningful, effective and God honoring.  Great effort has gone in to cleaning our facility and adjusting our set up and building usage to promote social distancing and safety.  Adjustments have been made to our worship schedule.  Our Production Team added Live Streaming at just the right time.  Our Pastoral Staff added online Bible Study options to keep people engaged.  And through it all, the North Shelby membership has been phenomenal and supportive in so many ways!  God has been good to North Shelby and His blessings continue to be poured out on us in so many ways.  We are grateful and thankful!

This current journey is not over.  We are committed to continuing to keep God as our focus and to prayerfully consider each step that we take.  As we move forward, safety and well being of everyone continues to be a prime consideration. 

Our current schedule is as follows:


8:15am                 Early Worship Service.  Please register online at

10:30am               Second Worship Service.  Please register online at


6:30pm                 Worship in the Word adult Bible Study in the Sanctuary

6:30pm                 Children’s Activities as scheduled. Email for more info

6:00pm                 Student Activities as scheduled. Email for more info

Looking Ahead…

As we move forward, the Pastoral Staff is currently making plans to bring back more programming in the near future.  Our hope is to begin having more Sunday School Classes that meet on Campus beginning October 25.  Details are still being hammered out!  Stay tuned for more info to come very soon.   


Be encouraged!  God is at work at North Shelby.  Come and be a part of all that He has in store for you!


June 9, 2020 Update

Dear Church Family,

As we continue to navigate this season that we are in, and as we look forward to coming back together we wanted to give a brief update. Currently we are having two opportunities for corporate worship. The first one is at 8:15 a.m. and the second is at 10:15a.m. You can continue to register through the church website, realm, or by calling the church office. We are continuing to clean between each service to ensure we are providing the safest space possible during these times.

Starting Sunday June 14th we will be adding a new element to our Sunday Morning worship. After much prayer and discussion we have decided to begin offering nursery for children up to 3 years of age during the 10:15 a.m. service only. The space for the nursery will be limited to 15 children, and registration for the nursery will be available starting June 9th. We would ask that those families who register for the nursery during the 10:15 service use the children’s area entrance for child drop off prior to the service. We would then ask you continue to park in the top parking lot for the service. We ask this to ensure our ability to keep children safe and our facilities clean. Julie has policy and procedures for how this will operate, feel free to contact her with any questions.

Also, as a reminder, we continue to have the choir room set-up during corporate worship for overflow if needed. Our attendance has quickly begun to rise, and the potential need for the overflow space may be necessary in order to maintain social distancing guidelines. This is a good problem to have, and we would ask that you prayerfully consider being willing to use that space if necessary.

As we look ahead together we also wanted to inform you of a few dates to mark on your calendars. On Jun 28th we will be attempting to start some Bible Study options on campus for all ages in conjunction with the morning worship services. More information about this will become available as we get closer to the 28th. In the meantime, we want to encourage those who are ready to get back to meeting in person to meet with one another for fellowship and study outside of the church. (We have it on good authority that some of you already are 😉) Of course we want you to do this safely, and completely respect those who are being cautious about coming back and are not ready to get together in that sort of a setting. But, with that being said, we don’t want to discourage people from getting together in small groups during this time, as long as they are able to do so safely. If you are getting together with your Sunday School class or small group during this time please contact Pastor Jon, so we can support you and pray for you as you meet. Also, if you would like to get connected to a group we would love to try and help facilitate that as well.

As we look a little bit more ahead, we are also excited to announce that on July 12th we will have a church wide fellowship on the property. This will be a time for us to enjoy a meal, fellowship with one another, and be encouraged by the Word of God. We pray you will mark this date on your calendar and make plans to attend. We will have more info about this event in the coming weeks.

In closing, thank you all for the way you have stayed committed and connected during this time. With all that is going on it is easy to be discouraged, but may we encourage you to remember the words of Jesus in John 16:33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” It is our honor to serve God here during such an important moment in history, and in the life of our church. We do so knowing that we can take heart because of the victory that has already been won by Jesus!

Know that we pray for you all, and appreciate all the prayers and support you have offered for us during this time.

Grace and Peace,

The North Shelby Pastoral Staff

Love God, Love One Another, Share Jesus with the World

May 6, 2020 Update


On April 28, 2020 Governor Kay Ivey issued the SAFER AT HOME order that replaced the shelter in place order that expired April 30.  The Safer At Home order is in affect until May 15, 2020 and only allows non work gatherings of 10 or less in attendance.   However, the Safer at Home order does allow for Drive In gatherings as long as participants remain in their cars.


In response to the guidelines outlined in the Safer at Home order, the Pastoral Staff has developed a 7 phased approach to reopening the church to corporate worship experiences and all other activities.  This phased approach will be implemented over a period of time that will most likely carry us well into the summer months of 2020.  While we have spent a good amount of time discussing these plans, we can not be specific about their implementation beyond May 15 when we expect to hear updates from the Governor.


The Pastoral Leadership met with Church Growth and Health on Tuesday night May 5th to discuss details for the next 2 weeks through Sunday May 17.  Additionally, we shared plans in anticipation of what Governor Ivey might share concerning our reopening and ability to begin having corporate worship gatherings. 


Here are our plans as presented and adopted through Church Growth and Health:


May 10 and May 17, 2020 10:15am  Morning Worship is LIVE STREAM only and available through the North Shelby website or North Shelby Facebook Page. 


Drive In Church scheduled for 6pm Sunday May 10 and May 17.  We are planning to hold a 30 to 40 minute long service in the UPPER Parking lots of the NSBC Campus on the 10th and 17th in the evening at 6pm.  These services are intended to encourage INREACH for our membership, so we are not promoting drive in church as an outreach event.  We recognize that folks are anxious to get out and see familiar church family faces.  Space is limited.  Those who attend are encouraged to stay in their cars.  Programming will be broadcast through our portable PA system and over the FM radio in your car.  The church building will be closed during drive in church…no bathrooms available unless an emergency. 


Looking Ahead…


Depending on what Governor Ivey releases on or by May 15, we plan to hold potentially numerous services beginning Sunday May 24 for people to attend at NSBC.  It is likely that these services will be limited in the number that can attend.  The guidelines given will determine how many services we can have and how we ask attenders to register for attending services.  Our staff is currently developing tools to assist everyone in letting us know which service they would like to attend when we are able to gather again.  We are not completely sure at this time what if any services will be offered on May 24, but we are planning to that end.  Additionally, we have established a full protocol for cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting our building.  This will begin Monday May 18. Once we are able to have services of any kind in the building, we will follow an aggressive plan for cleaning the building in order to keep people as safe as possible and limit the spread of germs.  In light of this we would also ask that anyone that is sick please stay at home.  Anyone that is unsure at this time about being around others is encouraged to stay at home and join us via live stream.


Church Offices remain open as they have been throughout this difficult time.  However, the church building is closed and all other programs are still cancelled.  Our Administrative support staff is on a rotating schedule Monday through Thursday limiting them to one person in the office each day to be able to answer calls and assist people that might come by the church.  No Administrative Staff are in the office on Friday, however all calls will continue to be answered.  Please call the church office at 205-995-9056 or email us at if you have any questions.


April 13, 2020 Update


We continue to live in unprecedented times!  However, God remains strong in the midst of this current storm.  North Shelby is a resilient and committed group of believers that have risen to many challenges over the years.  Staff and church members alike have been creative in seeking to meaningfully connect and engage people with a variety of tools.  Experiences like Video Bible Studies, Drive By Easter Egg Hunts, Video Holy Week, Live Stream Worship Experiences, Facebook Live, sharing #mynsbcstory, Drive by expressions of appreciation and blessing and many, many more. 


While none of these things can ever take the place of our coming together in corporate worship, it is important during times like these to continue to reach out and love and support each other any way that we can.


Given the current status of the COVID 19 pandemic and the Shelter in Place order by Governor Kay Ivey through April 30, 2020, the Pastoral leadership along with the Church Growth and Health team will continue to maintain Ministries and Programs as outlined in previous updates.  If you have any questions, please call the church office at 205-995-9056 or send us an email at


March 30, 2020 Update


These are indeed trying and difficult times for everyone.  It is important that we stay connected as best as possible.  Our Pastoral Staff is utilizing many new and creative ways to encourage church members and families as well as community neighbors everywhere to continue to engage in Bible Study, Discipleship, and Worship.  Additionally, we are encouraging people to reach out to neighbors and family members, the elderly and others that might need assistance during this time.


The Pastoral Leadership along with the Church Growth and Health Team communicated via email concerning next steps for the upcoming 2 weeks of operations for NSBC from March 30 through April 12. 


Please take note of the following information from Pastoral Leadership and Church Growth and Health Team:



Praise the Lord for our tech and production team!  While we would rather meet face to face each Sunday, it has been AWESOME to be able to worship together through our Live Stream.  Last week our live stream had 465+ unique visitors from 12 states and 2 countries!  We will continue worshipping with this format for the next 2 weeks April 5 and April 12.  We will be live at 10:15am.  We have added a broadcast of the previous weeks sermon on the radio on KOOL 96.9 at 10am each Sunday morning. 

Holy Week

April 5 through April 9 the staff will produce videos and have them available at 6pm each evening through Facebook and Realm.  Each video will be 15 minutes long and will be designed for families to gather around and watch as they prepare themselves for Easter Celebration.  On Friday April 10 we will be hosting a Live Stream Good Friday Service at 6pm.  A Webpage on the NSBC Website is being created and will be live Monday March 30 so that people can get info and updates related to Holy Week.

Easter Sunday… We of course are disappointed that it is likely that Easter Sunday Worship will be through our Live Stream Platform.  However, we are considering some very creative ways to make this morning as meaningful as possible while still encouraging everyone to be safe.  We are discussing utilizing some other elements through our Live Stream.  Email if you have questions or want to see how you can help.



Please email Jon at if you have questions about getting involved in a ZOOM Bible Study class for any age group or if you need help with any other info.

Jon, Julie and Alex have been doing a great job of connecting with their respective ministry areas by utilizing Facebook and Zoom.  Last Sunday morning we had well over 100 involved in Sunday Morning Bible Study using ZOOM video conferencing.  Throughout the week Mike, Jon, Julie and Alex have connected regularly through Facebook etc. to encourage people to continue in their study of God’s word.   Several teachers are sending summaries of their Sunday school lessons and Bible studies via email. One teacher is specifically encouraging his class to continue giving, which is a particular concern of his. Another teacher is alternating between calling and writing notes to his class week by week. I have been in contact with the Sunday teachers via email, encouraging them to let the staff know about prayer concerns and needs with their class members. The Wednesday night men’s Bible study and several of the adult discipleship groups met via Zoom as well. I appreciate all our teachers and Bible study leaders and their commitment to stay connected to their people during this time.


We have also been intentionally contacting church members over the age of 65.  We have 160 people in our database that fall into this category and we have reached out to them to offer encouragement and ask them if they have any needs that we might be able to meet.  We recognize that many in this demographic do not have computers etc. so Pastor Mike is sending them letters to keep them informed and to let them know we are available to meet their needs.  We are also letting them know that we can record DVDS of the worship services and get them to them if they would like one.




9:00am -Zoom Video Conferencing Sunday School coming soon.

10:15am -If it is a children’s worship Sunday then I will post a children’s worship video. If it is the first or last Sunday of each month then I will encourage the kids to follow along with the live stream service.

5:00pm -Choir (Videos on Facebook and Instagram)

6:00pm -Bible Drill (Videos on Facebook and Instagram)


6:30pm -Joshua Bible Study (Videos on Facebook and Instagram)



Our leadership team for our students is doing a great job of texting and calling and just checking in on students. We are doing our best to continue to engage our students and motivate them to continue growing in Christ and reaching out to others. I will be doing a Wednesday night message via Facebook Live at 7pm each Wednesday. We are also utilizing Zoom for our Sunday school lessons on Sunday morning and for our small groups on Sunday night. Sunday School is still meeting at 9am on and Small Groups are still meeting at 5pm on Sunday.



The Worship Ministry is working well with the rest of the staff to create new ways to minister to the Worship leading groups and the church.  Our media Team has been wonderful in presenting online worship and helping us prepare for upcoming online events.  I have been sending updates to our choir and orchestra about plans and changes as well as encouraging them to worship from home.  For instance, I sent pdf files of the choral music of the song I am singing Sunday morning, along with recordings so that they can practice at home.  My hope is that they will sing their parts along with me from home Sunday morning.  Please send me suggestions of how I might be able to better serve our congregation during this unique time.



NSBC Office will continue to remain open through April 12.  However, we would ask if anyone has a need that they call the church office before coming by.  We have scaled our in-office personnel and support back to ministerial only at this time.  Ministry is still happening even though these are difficult times.  Our Pastoral and Lay Leaders are still reaching out in numerous ways.  Our Administrative Support Staff is continuing to work from home.  John Browning has set up the ability for staff to access everything from home that they need to access in order to continue doing their jobs.  The phones will continue to be answered and messages and needs relayed along to the right person/minister.  Our desire is to be good stewards of all the resources God has given us.  We will continue being gracious to our staff during these difficult times.  I am monitoring our expenses daily and looking for ways we can minimize costs etc. during this time.  Finally, we want to encourage you to GIVE.  This is a difficult time we are living in.  We want to see the church thrive through this time.  Giving is an important and vital part of our worship unto God.  We’ve tried to make GIVING easy through our website. 


March 23, 2020 Update


The Pastoral Leadership would like to provide an update on the following important points:


  • Worship

Sunday March 22 our LIVE STREAM worship service was received very well by all viewers.  We are so thankful and blessed to have such a GREAT Production/Tech team to help us with our live stream broadcast.  We had 464 live stream participants join us in worship this past Sunday.  Praise The Lord!  If you or anyone you know would like to join us via Live Stream please go to  We will be live streaming worship this Sunday March 29, 2020 at 10:15am.  We have added a tab to the webpage for visitors to register their visit with us and for anyone to share a prayer request with us. 

  • Bible Study

Discipleship, Bible Study and Small Group ministry were alive and well this past Sunday!  We had well over 100 participate in various bible studies and small groups utilizing an online platform called ZOOM. We hosted both Adult Groups and Student Groups through this platform.  Our Children’s Ministry also provided cool video resources throughout the week for kids to do at home.  For information on how you can get connected to a small group or any of these resources, contact Jon Jeffries by emailing 

  • Church Office News

We are monitoring the COVID19 situation daily.  Our desire is to maintain all of our ministry connections throughout this unprecedented time while we also take reasonable precautions for our staff and their families.  As of Monday afternoon, all administrative staff are working from home.  Pastoral Staff have also been encouraged to work from home as much as possible.  We are still maintaining a very small and limited presence in the office.  However, we are asking anyone with a need to call the church instead of coming by.  Your call will still be answered.  Ministry happens even through difficult times like these and we want you to know that we are available and will respond.  We are managing the day to day operational needs of our buildings and campus.  We are making efforts to reduce expenses wherever possible in order to be good stewards of all North Shelby resources.  And finally, we want to encourage you to GIVE.  This is a difficult time we are living in.  We want to see the church thrive through this time.  Giving is an important and vital part of our worship unto God.  We’ve tried to make GIVING easy through our website.  We encourage you to be faithful in giving to support the work of the church during this time.

March 20, 2020 Update


The Pastoral Leadership along with the Church Growth and Health Team gathered for a special meeting Wednesday March 19 to discuss the next steps related to North Shelby Baptist Church services and ministries.  We discussed the church schedule through March 29.  All church activities have been postponed or cancelled.  The church office remains open but with limited access from visitors.  We are asking that people call or email the church with questions.  Our office staff is on a very limited rotation schedule.  Some are working from home.  The pastoral staff will continue to be available to minister to those who have need.  We will be live streaming worship services on Sunday March 22 and 29 through the church website and Facebook.  Our education and discipleship staff are exploring various ways to keep people connected through home study guides, videos and other resources.  We would like to encourage as many as possible utilize REALM to receive updates and maintain connections.  We are also using Facebook, Text Messages, Email and phone calls and encouraging everyone to check on the elderly and others as necessary.  On March 29 an assessment will be made about the coming weeks. 


March 18, 2020 Update

The North Shelby Pastoral leadership along with the Finance Committee want to take a moment to encourage you about staying plugged in with your church family. It is vital, as believers, to stay plugged in with our church family especially during times of crisis.  Even though there is uncertainty all around, church and ministry are still happening.  We are monitoring events daily.  We are also looking for ways to continue to stay connected with church members as well.  It is during times like this that the church has the opportunity to shine the Light of God most brightly to those all around.   Additionally, it is during times like these that creative opportunities for us to minister to each other are discovered and utilized. 

In light of all that is going on, we would like to encourage you to STAY PLUGGED IN by committing to the following things as a church:

  • Reach out to your church friends via Realm, email or phone call.  We may not be able to meet face to face right now but maintaining personal connection is so important.  If you need help logging in to Realm please contact Leigh at NSBC by emailing
  • Pray for your NSBC friends, leaders and staff.  Billy Graham once said that prayer is the believers greatest weapon during times of crisis.  God is still alive and working in our midst.  The church is strong.  North Shelby has been blessed and we want to continue to be a blessing to all that we can for as long as we are able.
  • Stay plugged in by continuing to support the work of the church through tithes and offerings.  North Shelby offers numerous ways for people to give.
  • Give through REALM.  Now is a Great Time to get your profile set up through Realm.  Contact Leigh at
  • Give through the church website.  Visit and click on the GIVE tab at the top of the page.
  • GIVE by text.  Text NSBC to 73256 and follow the directions
  • Give by mailing your gift to 4100 Belcher Drive, Birmingham Alabama 35242

These are important times in the life of our church and community and we want to rise to the occasion to shine brightly for Christ.  Also, please remember to join us March 22 and March 29 for worship via LIVE STREAMING by visiting

Finally, we want to exhort you to take heart!  These times we are living in come as no surprise to God!  The Pastoral Staff are continuing to minister to people on a daily and weekly basis as we seek to love God, love one another and share Jesus with the world.  We at North Shelby want to seek to continue to shed the light of the Gospel to everyone through this current crisis.  Psalm 28:7 says that the Lord is our Strength and Shield.  God is our Protector and Hope!  Please continue to be supportive by praying for our church and staff…By reaching out to others through calls, text, email etc…and by staying plugged in with your support to all God is and will be doing at North Shelby Baptist Church.



3/23/2020 Update
Pastor Mike’s Update on 3/20/20
Pastor Mike’s Update on 3/18/2020
Family Discipleship

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