Become a Member

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As a Southern Baptist church, North Shelby Baptist has three ways to welcome new members.  One asks to join the congregation, usually introduced during the time of worship we call, “The Invitation,” by one of the following ways:


Baptism by immersion is for new believers or for those who have not been immersed since receiving Christ as Savior.  (See the page entitled “Baptism at North Shelby.”)


If already baptized and a member of a Baptist church, one can join by requesting that we write their former church to ask for transfer of membership to North Shelby Baptist.  


If immersed after salvation, but not currently a member of a Baptist church, one can join by statement, as North Shelby accepts one’s testimony of conversion and subsequent baptism.

Our congregation agrees to accept, support and encourage new church members to find God’s plan and an area of service at North Shelby.