Baptism is the Biblical method of publicly professing one’s faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  It is an act of declaring the power of God unto salvation in a person’s life.  As a church we see clearly in scripture that Baptist in water was commanded by Jesus (Matthew 28:19) and practiced by Jesus and His disciples (Matthew 3:13-15Acts 2:41).

The word “baptize” is a Greek word (the language of the original New Testament) that means to immerse.  Here at North Shelby we immerse (baptize) in a baptismal pool that is just behind the choir loft in our sanctuary, right under the cross.  This is not by accident, because the person coming to be baptized is standing before the congregation and under the cross of Christ to declare that they have become a new creation in Christ as a result of their salvation.  It is because of this that we understand Baptism to be that which a person does after they have repented of their sins and trusted in Christ for salvation.  A person’s baptism serves as a testimony of the new life they now have in Christ (Matthew 28:19Romans 6:4).

As you read this, if you have repented and placed your faith and trust in Jesus, but have not been baptized we would love to talk with you more about this.